Other bug-hating resources:
  • The Pokayoke Guide to Developing Software - not just a guide to software, but a guide to everything about starting a new software-backed business.
  • Crashlytics - Small post-mortem SDK to report back information about bug crashes for iOS or Android
  • Raygun - Error-tracking as a service, with easy integration tools for most common development stacks, to "get your whole team involved with managing errors."
  • Replay Solutions - record and replay problems as they occured in the real world
  • SOASTA - Functional, load, and performance testing from the cloud
  • Browserling - interactive cross-browser testing, from the comfort of your own browser 
  • Charles Proxy - An HTTP (reverse)proxy and monitor to give a good eye on what happened in the communications. Also offers some of the slow-connection features of CrappyNet (although not yet the dropped-connection features).

Being in the above list doesn't necessarily me we endorse or have even tested these solutions, just that we've recently come across them. If we're missing some or have described them wrong let us know.