Upcoming Tools
Tools we haven't yet created. Should we?

Along the same lines as CrappyNet (a gateway to help expose and kill real-world network-related problems early), the following are tools we wish existed to facilitate the catching, fixing, and prevention of bugs. Given infinite time, we'll create them all.

We'll build these tools based on our interest and your interest. (Are you willing to be the first on your block to give a new tool a try?) The chance a tool will be built soon depends a lot on finding a collaborator. (Are you a collaborator?)

CrappyApp an iOS/Android app that is a resource-hogging bad player (i.e. a typical app), so you can verify that your app survives running alongside bad players
status: zilch
collaborators: Wanted: skilled iOS and/or Android developer (or desire to become one)

jQrappy a patch to jQuery to make sure all of your error paths are exercised - if you rely on jQuery this may be an easier approach for much of what CrappyNet does
status: zilch
collaborators: Wanted: skilled jQuery developer (or desire to become one)

CrappyMem force low allocation failures wherever possible, with tests that everything was recovered
status: zilch
collaborators: Wanted: knowledge of and interest in rewritting or wrapping low-level memory allocation libraries

lock threads longer than normal, switch more often than normal, encourage spinlocks, simulate interrupts way too often...
status: zilch
collaborators: Wanted: threading expert (or desire to become one)

SuckySQL delay DB communications, force recoverable errors during every step of a mutli-call transaction...
status: zilch
collaborators: Wanted: SQL expert (or desire to become one)

IO-OMG! sockets and file reads should be forced to pause, to be chunked, to conflict...
status: zilch
collaborators: Wanted: socket and file expert (or desire to become one)

CosmicRaze simulate cosmic particles flipping memory... bring back the parity bit... is that going too far?
status: zilch
collaborators: Wanted: someone cosmically anal-retentive

We appreciate feedback on this list. Help us prioritize or code. Point us to other tools that already exist. Collaborate.